Let It Die Review

Let It Die, the new game from Grasshopper Manufacture and Suda 51 was released on December 3 for the PS4 via the Playstation Network. It is a free to play game that resembles Dark Souls, but with F2P mechanics poured in. We’ll get to these later, but first some history into Let It Die which was originally named Lily Bergamo.

Let It Die was originally known as Lily Bergamo (リリィ・ベルガモ), which it’s initial plot focused on a female protagonist called Tae Ioroi, and was set in the year 2043. The game’s world drew from both Japanese and Western cultures in a post apocalyptic way. It was supposed to be an extreme action game like Devil May Cry and feature a companion app on smartphones. However all this changed at the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 where the game was retooled as Let It Die.

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What we got is a really hard action game, with clunky controls and frustrating gameplay. Yes I’m being harsh, but as a Dark Souls veteran, Let It Die feels a bit cheap. I kind of grow to like my character, so when it dies (because you WILL die in this game) and I need to pay coins or Death Metal (which is the F2P currency) I’m pissed off that I have no other choice than to pay. It’s either that or lose your character. You get to keep your weapon masteries though, so that is nice. Everything that’s stored in the waiting room too.

Graphics are pretty great for a free to play game. I was really taken back when you first get out of the train, there’s lots of reflections and nice effects thrown in there. There’s no noticable slowdowns that I could see, everything was running pretty smooth. The music is passable, nothing too great.

The best part of Let It Die is it’s quirkiness which is Suda 51’s trademark. The reaper we see on the logo is Uncle Death and he’s pretty chill and relaxed. He will be the one to help you when you start the game and he can be found in the Arcade, which is like a hub in the waiting room. My favorite character though has to be the Mushroom Lady. You first encounter her when she’s starving to death and you rescue her by throwing a mushroom at her face. She immediatly recuperates, but then vomits coins and runs away while praising us kindred spirits. Yay! Her shop is half kitchen, half stripper joint too.

let it die mushroom lady, mushroom lady ps4

I had a good time with Let It Die, but sadly it is a free to play game and it really shows in it’s design structure. It could’ve been a nice Dark Souls clone, which the upcoming Ni-Oh looks like it will be a homerun, but instead we have a frustrating action game with bad controls and cheap deaths.


Let It Die

Let It Die


7.0 /10


8.0 /10


6.0 /10


6.0 /10


  • Can't beat free
  • Nice graphics
  • Stable framerate
  • Mushroom Lady


  • Bad controls
  • Cheap deaths
  • I prefered Lily Bergamo

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