Zanki Zero New Survival RPG from Spike Chunsoft Coming to PS4 and PSVita

Spike Chunsoft unveiled their new game in the latest Famitsu magazine titled Zanki Zero, a new survival RPG from the same team that does Danganronpa. It follows the story of eight survivors in a dystopian world.

Zanki Zero


Overview of the story in Zanki Zero:

God created the world in seven days. It only took one day for humans to destroy the world. Until yesterday, every day life was sinking into the sea. We do not yet known the broken world and the reasons left behind there. An earth where ruins drift about. Buildings, houses, light posts. Cars, traffic lights, asphalt—. Modern civilization was destroyed, and became ruins drifting in the sea. New ruins drift one after the other before the protagonist, who lives on one of those ruin islands.

Zanki Zero

Key points from a recent interview with producer Yoshinori Terasawa and supervisor Takayuki Sugawara working on Zanki Zero:


  • This project has been on the back burner since about six years prior to Dananronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.
  • It is a post-apocalyptic survival RPG set in bright ruins.
  • All eight characters that make up the party can be said to be the protagonist.
  • The character being focused on changes for each chapter.
  • Lively people of old age will appear and play a big role. (Editor’s Note: Famitsu has artwork of both the protagonists and their old age forms.)
  • There is no transition between field exploration and the battle screen. It’s seamless.
  • It’s an RPG with strong action elements. It will be possible to evade enemy attacks and attack.
  • The main enemies are the animals that have adapted the environment of the world after it was destroyed.
  • You can get materials and food ingredients by defeating enemies.
  • There is a sheep mascot character more similar to Danganronpa‘s Monomi than Monokuma.
  • It is completely different from the Danganronpa series, but will similarly offer surprises.


Project is currently 10% done and we can’t wait to see what the Danganronpa team has in stores for us in a survival dystopian setting.


*Update* Here’s two new screenshots from Zanki Zero and in one of them, we can see one of the protagonists:

Zanki ZeroZanki Zero



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