YouTube Demonetizing Eroge Games

You’ve all probably heard about the “Adpocalypse” by now, but this morning I was still shocked that some of my videos were demonetized on my channelĀ because they’re about Eroge games.

My Youtube channel only has video game music on it. I don’t speak (except for one unboxing video), there’s no swear words, only music. The only problem I ever had was with Persona 5 videos last year, but that’s Atlus being overly protective of their series. I specialize in Japanese video games for the most part and I love putting out tracks from Eroge games. Now you must wonder “Yeah, but in Eroge games, there’s nudity and sex and a whole lot more”, which is true, but I only put out the music tracks.

Here’s the list of what was demonetized:

Youtube Adpocalypse

Youtube Adpocalypse


Some of those video’s thumbnails have women in bikinis, but there’s plenty of that on YouTube. No, the real problem is that they’re demonetizing every video about Eroge games which is made obvious by my most recent video Rance 03: The Fall of Leazas – Attack on Dragon! Extended. The thumbnail is a DRAGON! The track is his boss fight theme!

I’m very saddened that they’re going after Eroge games (and even the Senran Kagura series!) because they have great music. For real you should listen to the Rance music albums or Baldr Heart, they’re amazing. If YouTube wants to demonetize every thing that barely hints at sexy girls, we’re in trouble because as you all know it Internet is for Porn!

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