Win a JRPG worth 100$ here at AskAGamer

Hi retro gaming fans, I have a new retrogaming contest for you guys, it’s Vain Dream II on the PC-9801 japanese computer so you could win a jrpg.

win a jrpg

Here’s the link for the contest:

And here’s the description and rules to win a jrpg:

You could win Vain Dream II for the PC-9801VM (old japanese computer) if you participate in this contest. The game is used, but complete in great condition. Here’s what it looks like

It’s a really old JRPG and I’ve got a duplicate copy from a recent Yahoo auction I won, so I’m giving away my other copy. Hope someone that frequents this site will win it! USA and Canadian residents only.

Here’s a brief overview of the game:


The land of Kureia enjoyed a peaceful existence, until the beautiful, but deadly Goddess of Darkness decided to make it her own land, imposing a rule of terror on its people. Finally, the Golden Dragon of the Sun and the Silver Dragon of the Moon interfered. In a titanic battle, they perished together with the evil goddess. To protect further safety of Kureia, 108 dragons descended onto the Earth. The new age of peace lasted until a mysterious knight entered the shrine of the Ice Dragon, killing the guards and the dragon himself. A young hunter named Warrick, together with his friends, must find out who did this. The quest for peace begins…

Vain Dream 2 is not directly related to its predecessor story-wise, but shares with it its gameplay mechanics. The Japanese style of its RPG system is evident in linear story progression, emphasis on characterization of party members (up to five members, as opposed to three in the previous game), and automatic leveling up. However, as in the first Vain Dream, there are no random battles, and the turn-based combat system allows free movement on the battle field, creating an illusion of real-time combat. The player has direct control only over the party leader; the rest are controlled by AI, but can be assigned general strategies. Leveling up of weapons is possible, if a character keeps using a specific type of weapon in battles.



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