Top 10 Games 2016 – All Platforms Included

Top 10 Games 2016

The year 2016 was a big year for most people. From the surprising Trump win to the Cubs World Series win, everyone was taken by surprise this year. We also got two games that were long overdue, The Last Guardian and Final Fantasy XV. So without further ado, here’s my Top 10 Games 2016, in no particular order.


Dark Souls 3 – PS4

top 10 games 2016, dark souls 3

This should not be a surprise to anyone since the A Team was in charge of Dark Souls 3. Dark Souls 2 was made by From Software’s second team, so that was probably why it was kinda lackluster compared to Dark Souls and Bloodborne. Dark Souls 3 however, was amazing. The bosses each felt great and were really hard to put down. Loved the diversity in regular mobs and weapons. However, I was kinda sad that you could no longer upgrade armor. My favorite Souls game after Dark Souls.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – PS4

top 10 games 2016, uncharted 4

Nathan Drake comes back for a finale, which is the best Naughty Dog has to offer. Talking about it too much would spoil the story, i’ll just say that it’s awesome and play it now. Also, to people saying consoles are dead and/or they can’t do PC graphics, well Uncharted 4 looks pretty damn good and an easy lock to be a part of the Top 10 Games 2016.

Pokemon Sun/Moon – 3DS

top 10 games 2016, pokemon sun and moon

I’ve never been a big fan of Pokemon games and my first one was Pokemon X. My friend showed me Pokemon Moon after he purchased it and I had to buy it. The new interface finally makes sense/is much better. It was terrible in Pokemon X. Also, for the 3DS, the graphics are really good. Pokemon models are nice and the attacks look great. I really recommend Pokemon Sun/Moon especially to people who are not fans of the series, it has improved so much on it’s predecessors.

Black Desert Online – Windows

top 10 games 2016, black desert online

Yes an MMO! I played two of them this year, the other one being World of Warcraft: Legion, but Black Desert Online takes the cake. There is so much stuff to do in BDO. I spent most of my time either fishing or trading. I actually rarely did PvE or PvP, just the fact that I could have my wagon and go from trading post to trading post was enough to satisfy me. Oh and then there’s also farming, gathering, energy hunting, etc. I played for around 4 months and the itch to come back is killing me. Not for casual players, but for those who previously enjoyed other MMOs like Eve Online or Ultima Online.

Stranger of Sword City – PS Vita

top 10 games 2016, stranger of sword city

Experience make the best dungeon RPGs nowadays and Stranger of Sword City is one of the best DRPGs ever made. Boasting amazing art and music, it is very refreshing compared to the more anime styled DRPGs on the PS Vita (not that I don’t like them, just that it’s refreshing). The game itself is pretty hard like most DRPGs and is pretty customizable. You can even choose your artstyle for your characters and NPCs. It has also released on Steam if you don’t have a PS Vita, so there’s no reason not to try it if you love DRPGs. This one feels like the old Wizardry games.

Final Fantasy XV – PS4

top games 2016, final fantasy XV

I just finished the game last week and what a game. I know that it’s story is a scrambled mess, but even with that problem, the game itself is still better than most of what released this year. The graphics, characters and gameplay make up for the lack of story and information about Final Fantasy XV’s world Eos. As a fan, I want to know more, but I need to realize that it’s a miracle this game is even out this year in this state. Best JRPG of the year for sure.

Pillars of Eternity – White March Part 2 – Windows

top games 2016, pillars of eternity

What I would actually want to say here is Tyranny, Obsidian’s newest RPG, but after playing it for several hours, I felt the need to switch back to Pillars of Eternity instead. Tyranny had problems with loadings, my game crashed often and it wasn’t as fun as PoE. I never did the expansion, so I bought it and never regretted my switch. Maybe Tyranny will be better in the future, but right now it’s kind of a mess, so I’ll shelve it for now.

Overcooked – PS4

top games 2016, overcooked ps4

This Indie game part of the Top 10 Games 2016, reminds me of old cooking classics like Cooking Mama or Order Up! What’s different with this one though is that it’s a couch multiplayer game and one that breaks friendships. The first levels are ok, nothing too chaotic. The later levels though will test your friendships and make you laugh or cry. We have a lot of fun with this one, each level has a new gameplay mechanic to screw with us. My favorite multiplayer game of the year.

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir – PS4

top games 2016, odin sphere ps4

I know that it’s a remake, but it’s also a total conversion since they added new gameplay mechanics. Gone are the old PS2 controls and in are the great and fluid action RPG controls. The game even is a stable 60 FPS and it’s worth it, Vanillaware makes the best 2D sprites. I already played the PS2 version, but I fell in love again with the new version. Even bought the collector’s edition, totally worth it!

Criminal Girls 2: Party Favors – PS Vita

top 10 games 2016, criminal girls 2

Most people will probably be like “Huh? That game?”, but yeah, I love the series. The first game is actually my first Platinum trophy and this one should probably be a Platinum somewhere in the future too. The story and gameplay is actually really good, it’s not just an ecchi DRPG, it’s a real good proper dungeon RPG. To every owner of a PS Vita I meet, I always recommend this series and the second one is as good as the first one.


Top 10 Games 2016 Conclusion

That’s it for this year. Oh? I’m missing some games that probably should be in this list? Well, I bought The Last Guardian, but haven’t played it yet and Dragon Quest Builders is on it’s way from Amazon. They might’ve made the list, but I didn’t have time to play them. Last year will probably be another big year with Horizon: Zero Dawn and Persona 5 coming out on PS4, can’t wait for them!

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