Persona 5 Review – The Return of the King

Persona games are what people think about when they hear JRPGs nowadays. Long gone are the days where Final Fantasy was the best franchise for JRPGs, now it’s Persona 5 with Atlus.


My favorite Persona game was the fourth one (not P4G, just regular old PS2 Persona 4). I was so devastated when it ended that I was depressed for two days. Felt like losing long time friends, I was crushed. Atlus did it again with Persona 5, it’s… really REALLY good.

Once again you feel connected to the characters and end up loving them as much as close friends. The writer for these characters is phenomenal, he really knows how to craft them well. Also, I need to give a big round of applause to the translation team. They did a great job conveying what the japanese team meant. Only weird part for me with the text is when there’s questions in class. The questions are mostly about Japan and I seriously didn’t know much of them. Fun to learn new stuff though.

Soundtrack is amazing, not that I was concerned. Shoji Meguro once again surpasses himself and I’ve been humming the tunes in my head most of the week (Dungeon 3’s theme is really catchy). English voices are very good, I didn’t feel the need to go download the DLC japanese voices at all. I really liked Persona 4’s voice actors too, so I was confident that they would be good.

The balance between day/school life and “dungeon” life is really good. You have plenty of time to complete the various dungeons there are and still have lots of time left for the social links, activities and stats building that the Persona series is known for. I’m usually a min/maxer when playing RPGs, so I was really eager to start a New Game + since you get to keep your stats, meaning you have a lot more time for social link building the second time around.

Something new in Persona 5 is how you move around in the dungeon. Since P5 is centered around “thieves”, it is now easier to ambush enemies. You can hide behind objects or around corners and then launch an attack when a shadow has it’s back turned. At first I didn’t like the system and was worried it wouldn’t work (I don’t like stealth games much), but it works better than in P3/P4.

Atlus announced recently that they moved 1.5 million copies of Persona 5 and I’m ecstatic about these news. This is the pinnacle of JRPGs, it should be played by everyone who likes RPGs, I highly recommend buying a copy if you have a PS4.

Persona 5

Persona 5


10.0 /10


9.0 /10


10.0 /10


10.0 /10


  • Great story
  • Soundtrack
  • Memorable characters
  • Good pacing


  • Some japanese questions are very obscure

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