My PC-98 Collection Part 1

I recently bought a huge bundle of PC-98 games from Japan and I wanted to share what I got. Since most of these games are very hard to come by, there’s not much information about them on the internet or good pictures. I am selling most of them on Ebay, but I will post all the pictures here too.

Popful Mail PC-9801 5.2 inch Disks Version

Mail is a young, cute, enthusiastic female bounty-hunting elf. Unfortunately, every time a bounty is near something goes wrong: the last case was particularly painful, involving Mail bravely cutting off the head of a famous criminal – only to realize that his body escaped without the head. Mail tried at least to sell the head in the nearest town, but discovered that the local tavern was full of these heads stored in a basket. But not all is lost: Mail reads a poster that promises a big reward for someone who catches an evil wizard who terrorizes the land. Sounds like just the job Mail was looking for!

This version of Popful Mail is quite different from later releases, even though it has the same story and basic gameplay. However, the layout of locations, regular enemies, bosses, concrete events – everything is entirely different. This version is less of a fast-paced platformer and is more focused on exploration, with more maze-like levels and back-tracking. As in the other versions, there are “friendly” areas where Mail can buy weapons, armor, and items. There is no “attack button”: Mail attacks by simply running into enemies or jumping on them.

Amaranth II PC-9801 3.5 FD Version

Years have passed since the great hero Liann Fremdes defeated the evil Bosedorf and brought peace to the kingdom of Stellar, opening a new chapter in its glorious history. Liann has retired since then, hoping to have some peace for himself. But once a hero, always a hero: an aggressive nation from the West threatens the country, and help is needed. Liann arrives at the city of Strahl to talk to the local king, and hooks up with an elf girl named Din who is willing to accompany the hero on his travels…

Amaranth II is the second in the series of action-based RPGs. The party roams the world in top-down fashion, levels up and buys equipment, just like in the first game. Attacks are performed by bumping into enemies, who can be seen on the screen before either the player or the enemy initiate combat.

Asuka 120% BURNING Fest FM Towns Complete Great Condition

The game’s limited story takes place at the Ryōran Private School for Women. This school has been established to educate the daughters of the upper levels of society. The school holds a martial arts tournament called the Club Rivalry Budget Contest Mega Fight every year. Each character employs a different fighting style and the techniques are unique to the fighting club that they belong to.

Asuka 120% BURNING Fest. is the debut title of the franchise. It was initially released for the Fujitsu FM Towns, but a short time later it was ported to the Sharp X68000 with three versions of its soundtrack, as well as slightly updated graphics.

The combat system follows a rather standard fighting game scheme; the girls execute a variety of kicks, punches, and attacks with special weapons, by pressing combinations of buttons. Girls might have unique weapons and techniques which are associated with the club/subject they represent; for example, a “tomboy” athletic girl will attack with baseballs and other sports accessories, etc.

Kimagure Orange Road: Natsu no Mirage PC-9801 5.2 inch Disks 

The game is based on the manga and anime series Kimagure Orange Road. The protagonist is a young boy named Kyosuke Kasuga. He and his siblings (twin sisters) possess supernatural abilities: telekinesis, teleportation, time shift, etc. The tradition of their family forbids them to use these powers publicly. Whenever they fail to hide their unique nature, the whole family has to move. But now Kyosuke has met a beautiful girl, who is being courted by another guy – a big temptation for him to use the powers…

Kimagure Orange Road: Natsu no Mirage is a Japanese-style adventure game. The interaction is performed by selecting verb/object combinations from an omnipresent menu. There are no puzzles, but the list of verbs include (beside the usual “Examine”, “Talk”, and “Move”) also the commands “Take” and “Use” (an item). These are sometimes required to execute in order to trigger the next event of the story.

Magical Story Series Part 1 and 2 PC-98 5.2 Disks

Part 1 : Kumi is an ordinary Japanese teenage girl. At least she was ordinary until one day, walking back home, she spotted a shiny object falling from the sky into a nearby forest. Upon examining the object more closely, Kumi found a cute rabbit-like creature, who called himself Popp claimed to have come from a magical world. Popp granted Kumi the magical ability of shape-shifting: turning into an adult male of her choice… an ability Kumi will need in order to fulfill her mission: sexually satisfy female students and teachers from her high school…

Majokko Kumi is a traditional Japanese adventure game, without puzzle and with menu-based verb “Look- Talk – Think – Move” interaction. Story progression is linear. Most of the game is dedicated to depleting all available options until the game takes the player to a new screen. Sex scenes also feature a point-and-click mouse interface, with a single cursor for all the actions.

Part 2 : The second Magical Story Series game is not connected to the predecessor story-wise, but has a similar premise. The heroine this time is a little girl named Rina, who has a crush on an older boy, whose name is Tatsuya. One night she sees a falling star and wishes to be a grown-up young woman. Miraculously, her wish is fulfilled; but the falling star is revealed to contain a mischievous imp, who grants Rina an ability to grow up and return to her normal self, as well as assume the appearance of other people…

Like the first game, Rina plays like a typical Japanese adventure, with a “Look-Talk-Think-Move” command menu, no puzzles, and the standard requirement to “trigger” new commands by going through all the available ones, often more than one time.

Unlike Kumi, Rina cannot qualify as an adult game. There are implicit erotic situations and innuendo, but no explicit nudity or scenes with sexual content.

PC-98 Collection

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