Obsidian’s new RPG Tyranny Let’s Play

I just started my journey in Obsidian’s Tyranny and already I am overjoyed by the beauty of it. I’ve only done the character creation, but it was really something special. If someone remembers the old game Ogre Battle on the Super Nintendo/Playstation 1, you had to answer some questions that would determine your character stats and army. A lot of other RPGs tried something similar, but what Obsidian did is truly spectacular.

The choices for the character creation involves you making battlefield decisions as a¬†Fatebinder in the Overlord’s army that will eventually determine what your character is. The presentation is top-notch and I feel that there are a lot of possibilities in those decisions, I will probably have to do several playthroughs (which is a great thing).

So for now, I have only done the character creation scenario, but I’ve uploaded it on YouTube as a Let’s Play and will upload the rest as I go on.

And here’s the playlist:¬†https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRK9bUnsZ7G1DmytxlhoBGvGmsI8idw-D

Excuse me if I don’t update my YouTube channel or AskAGamer.com while I play this marvelous game!

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