Monster Hunter XX Debuts August 25 in Japan for Nintendo Switch

We finally have the release date for Monster Hunter XX (called Monster Hunter Generations here in North America), it will be on the 25th of August.

Also with the release of the game, Nintendo is making a Nintendo Switch bundle and it looks great! I still don’t have my Nintendo Switch and since there is no region locking, this is very tempting to import.

Monster Hunter XX Switch










Monster Hunter XX for the Nintendo Switch will be 5,800 yen at retail and 5,546 yen via download. The Nintendo Switch console bundle will be 36,280 yen. People with saves on the 3DS version will be able to upload their save data to the new Nintendo Switch version. This version supports 1080P and 4 players multiplayer local and online.

Here’s the debut trailer for the Nintendo Switch version of Monster Hunter XX:



Here’s a comparison between the 3DS version and Nintendo Switch version:

monster hunter xx switch

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