Metal Max Xeno New Character Ittica

Kadokawa Games have announced a new character for their new game Metal Max Xeno, Ittica.


■ A “Beast” Comrade!? A New Ally Comes to the Iron Base

During the protagonist’s adventure, one of the new allies he will rescue is a beautiful girl of unknown age named Ittica. She is actually a non-human (of the Mewt race) produced by mankind with the “beast” gene in order to counter the NOA army. She is a character with unique abilities that can only be possessed by a demi-human.


  • Voiced by: Yuri Yamaoka
  • Gender: Female (Age Unknown)

Metal Max Xeno

A beautiful girl who has never had anyone to turn to in life. Her appearance is almost exactly the same as that of a human, but she is actually a demi-human called a Mewt. She is mischievous and full of curiosity.

—Ittica, who is protected by the Iron Base, has a major appetite. Her ears and tail perplexes the other members.

Metal Max Xeno

—Ittica’s special skill enables her to transform into an comrade of her choosing and imitate their strengths. It is called “Sevens Transformation.”

Metal Max Xeno

—Ittica talks anecdotes with the U-Tokio defense army. She says that she used to be the poster girl for “U-Kabuki,” which was popular at that time.

Metal Max Xeno

■ A New Model of Tank Makes its Series Debut: The Stealthy, Near Future-Style “PLT-01”

A chassis that makes its first appearance in the Metal Max series. Said to be under development in Poland, it is themed after the design of the next-generation main battle tank PL-01, and has a stealthy, near future-style appearance different from other tanks. The tank debuts around the transition from the first half of the game to the middle. Be sure to play Metal Max Xeno to find out what kind of tank this is.

Metal Max Xeno

—A new model of tank is discovered in the “U-Tokio Tunnel,” which was once the U-Tokio defense army pathway that stretched around under Death Tokio.

Metal Max Xeno

—The initial type is an Almighty-type that can equip all sorts of weapons for a good balance.

Metal Max Xeno

—Since there are two specialty chip slots, the tank provides battle support in various situations.

Metal Max Xeno

The game looks great and is shaping up to be a major success here in the west, we’re kinda starved in RPGs lately. Coming out on April 19 for PS4 and PSVita in Japan.

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