Media and “Scientists” Still Trying to Prove that Violent Video Games Cause Shootings

The Media has always liked a good vilain and something to point fingers at when school shootings or terrorist attacks happen and sometimes they blame violent video games for it.

They blamed them when the Sandy Hook massacre happened saying stuff like:

“Adam Lanza had notched up more than 83,000 ‘kills’ on his beloved video games including 22,000 ‘head shots’ as he trained himself for the horrific Sandy Hook massacre”.


Most other acts were also linked to violent video games some way or form, but each time, there’s no real concrete proof. Study after study shows that violent video games do not cause real world acts of terror or simply play on the empathy of people playing these games like a study from Germany found. 


Now back to this week and the release of “Bill Nye Saves the World”. In episode 7 titled “Cheat Codes for Reality”, Bill Nye and crew are still trying to pin shootings on violent video games.

Violent Video Games


Granted, Bill Nye is not actually a scientist, he’s an actor. However, his show tries to present itself as something serious and some people might fall for it. The whole Bill Nye Saves the World series is completely crazy with the Rachel Bloom “Sex Junk” song taking the cake, seriously just go watch it, it’s complete degeneracy. I’d advocate for songs like that causing shootings much more than any violent video game could.


I really hope someday the media stop trying to push their propaganda unto us, the gamers. We just want to play video games, we don’t want them censored or altered in any way shape or form. Any art form should be free to express itself however it wants and the media should just shut up at this point. They’ve been found lying a lot recently this past election cycle and their track record isn’t very good especially with websites like Buzzfeed or Salon/Huffington Post.


With that said, enjoy your games fellow gamers and don’t be discouraged by the media trying to pin everything on violent video games.

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