Mary Skelter for PSVita adds new patch and release date 2017

*Update* Idea Factory International just announced that Mary Skelter: Nightmares is coming worldwide in 2017. I just had to make this post about not knowing when it was going to come out. Well, I’m very very happy about this news. Love Dungeon RPGS!

Also in the same address two more games were confirmed: Dark Rose Valkyrie for PS4 and Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds for PSVita.

Source: Playstation Blog


There’s new patches for Divine Prison Tower: Mary Skelter coming out in Japan, with patch 1.04 being the newest and I’m asking myself if we’ll ever see this beautiful game come out in North America or Europe sometime in the future.

We know that dungeon RPGs are pretty well received lately with Demon Gaze and Etrian Odyssey doing well in the sales department, but we still have no information concerning a western release. For those that are not aware of this game, here’s the summary:

“Mary Skelter is set in Japan. In September 1999, a living prison, Jail, suddenly appeared, and submerged a great city 666 meters underground, and went on developing. As a result of Jail’s birth came the appearance of monsters known as “Marchen,” who began seizing and imprisoning humans. The protagonist and heroine were born several decades after this incident and aim to escape the jail in which they were confined.”

So it’s a dungeon crawler who’s also a bit ecchi, but the artwork looks really good and I really hope it gets localised and not censored!

Here’s the launch trailer for those who didn’t see it.

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