Mary Skelter 2 PS4 Leaked in Japan

There’s been a leak on about a sequel to Mary Skelter that was on the PS Vita and it looks like the sequel will be coming on the PS4, so we have a Mary Skelter 2 PS4 leaked this morning.

According to the leak, the game will come out on June 28 on PS4 in Japan for 7,776 yen. Also according to the packaging, a 10,476 yen limited edition will also be available and include a Kei Nanameda-illustrated special box, 21-song original soundtrack CD, special book with , bath poster, multi-desktop calendar, treasured data materials CD-ROM, and PC and smartphone wallpapers CD-ROM.

Pre-orders will include a code to download a visual novel called Rengokuto Mary Skelter (Love Prison Tower Mary Skelter—in Japanese, Mary Skelter is fully titled Kangokutou Mary Skelter, or Divine Prison Tower Mary Skelter).

Here’s a sampling of the story:

Jail—an impregnable human asylum called a “living prison.” This prison, which was suddenly born several decades ago, was controlled by monsters called “Marchens” and mad beings that led them called “Nightmares.”

Tsuu and The Little Mermaid, members of an organization called “Dawn” whose purpose is to escape from that Jail, successfully rescue new ally Alice, who was captured, and a boy named Jack, who she was with.

Tsuu headed to the city with Alice and Jack, but in the midst of that, Alice’s body was dyed in madness and started swinging her blade indiscriminately.

Alice’s blade attacked Tsuu, the Little Mermaid, and Jack, who tried to protect Tsuu, and the three fell down below a cliff.

Before the eyes of the princess who woke up below the cliff was Jack, who was seemingly about to die—.

Tsuu, The Little Mermaid, and Jack—this is the story of girls that spin blood and a boy that became a nightmare in attempts to break free from fate.


Also it looks like Mary Skelter 2 PS4 leaked provided information about the first game being included and having updated balancing and maps.

Compile Heart confirmed the leak today by tweeting this:

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