Rumor: Marvel Vs Capcom 4 to be Unveiled at PSX

There’s less than a week before Playstation Experience 2016 and there’s some rumors swirling around about possible new games being shown there, namely Marvel Vs Capcom 4.

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 debuted in February 2011, so it’s almost been 6 years since the last entry in the series, it’s time for a sequel.

User Ryce on Neogaf had this to say about the rumor:

I wasn’t going to share this, but enough beating around the bush: a few other GAFers and myself were told about a Marvel vs. Capcom 4 announcement at PSX. I didn’t think it would happen for all of the obvious reasons, but there you go. We’ll know for certain in eight days.


If you want to read the thread about it, head on over to Neogaf.

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