Gun Gun Pixies PS Vita Gets a Release Date

Gun Gun Pixies PS Vita finally gets a release date in Japan for March 23 2017. It will cost 6800 yen and pre-orders include a code to download the White Soul Battle Uniform U&K.

There will also be a 8,800 yen “Gun Pixie” edition including a Gun Gun picture book, “Episode Zero” drama CD, and soundtrack CD.

Dengeki Online also offered new information about the gameplay:

Maiden Subjugation War

The Maiden Subjugation War is a special mission that occurs at a turning point in the story. The goal is to quiet down the residents of the girls’ dormitory, who have begun to act outrageous for some reason. You won’t be discovered by the girls during this mission, and will be able to see them take special actions, like doing yoga.

Pictures in the magazine include:

  • “Kira eating a Popsicle while riding a saddle horse.”
  • “Amayo spreading her legs in the shape of an ‘M’ while doing yoga.”
  • “Minami performing a mysterious ritual to summon an evil god.”

gun gun pixies, gun gun pixies ps vita
gun gun pixies, gun gun pixies ps vita


Looks like Gun Gun Pixies will add to the other ecchi games on the PS Vita like Gal Gun or Criminal Girls. I’m guessing that PQube will pick up the rights for the localisation.

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