The Game Paradise: CruisinMix coming to PS4 and PC

Jaleco’s 1997 shmup The Game Paradise (Game Tengoku in Japan) is getting a port on PS4 and PC this winter.

the game paradise

This shmup originally came on the Sega Saturn in 1997 and is a parody of other popular shmups. Much like Parodius from Konami, The Game Paradise will please fans of shmups and comedy everywhere. The original game easily costs around 100$ on Ebay, so this will be much easier to play/import.

Other information from Famitsu included that Clarius, the heroine of the 1985-released City Connection, will be a new playable character and that a 9,800 yen limited edition will include a bonus footage DVD of the original video animation and voice actor interviews included with the “Paradise Pack” of the Sega Saturn version, a replica script for the original video animation, and a materials collection.

Development is currently 65 percent complete.

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