Comparison Video for Final Fantasy XV PS4 versus PS4 Pro

Square-Enix just released a video comparing the different visuals options players will have when they play the long overdue Final Fantasy XV. If you have a regular PS4 or PS4 slim, the game will play in 1080P. If you have a Playstation 4 Pro though, you will have two more options to choose from: 4K High and 4K Light.


I’m not a pro when discerning visual quality, but some enhancements can be seen in the Pro 4K modes. What I really hope though, is that the game runs in 60 FPS and doesn’t fluctuate too much, that would be great. Don’t have a PS4 Pro yet, so regular 1080P will do fine for me (don’t have a 4K TV either in fact).

So, here’s the video in question, please feel free to comment about whether you’re excited for these options or for Final Fantasy XV finally releasing.

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