E3 2017 Rumors, Bloodborne 2? Phantom Wail?

Like every year, E3 comes around and rumors start to fly. Beyond Good and Evil 2 has been rumored to come out for year, will 2017 be the year for this title? Anyways, here’s the E3 2017 rumors we’ve been hearing about.


phantom wail

Bloodborne 2 – Phantom Wail

Earlier we thought that Bloodborne 2 would be the big rumor from From Software’s studio, but recently a titled named “Phantom Wail” has been making the rounds. Here’s what’s been leaked for now:

  • Ancient Aztec/Mayan/tribal aesthetic.
  • Emphasis on hand-to-hand combat techniques and “martial art styles” (hand-to-hand fighting styles, I should clarify, as to not confuse people thinking the game with be an Aztec/Mayan aesthetic with straight up Kung Fu and Tae Kwon Do).
  • Traditional melee weapons still in (i.e. clubs), but they won’t have a major focus; weapon-based movesets are gone.
  • Instead, players will customize and personalize their hand-to-hand movesets and fighting styles, there is customization for weapon fighting styles as well, however. (This kinda-sorta sounds like Nioh, with the weapon skill trees and such).
  • Is the “Souls-like, dark fantasy, familiar” game Miyazaki mentioned when interviewed about the future of From Software. Armored Core and a “strange for From Software” game were the other 2 mentioned.
  • Collaboration between Sony Japan and From Software (it’s the Sony exclusive title).


Nintendo e3 2017 rumors

Nintendo E3 2017 Rumors

There’s several Nintendo E3 2017 rumors for the Switch’s first E3 and my favorite one is about the new Pokémon game titled for now “Pokémon Stars”. Here’s the other rumors about Nintendo:

  • Super Smash Brothers Switch might be a thing.
  • A new crossover game between Mario and the Rabbids possibly titled “Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle”. Will probably be a co-op party game.
  • Pokémon Stars, I hope on the Switch.
  • Animal Crossing Switch should also be unveiled.


bethesda e3 2017

Bethesda E3 2017 Rumors

Bethesda has been quiet lately after a stunning E3 last year where they revealed Fallout 4 and Fallout Shelter. Everyone knows that they’re working on Elder Scrolls 6, but it probably won’t be showcased this year. We think that these assumptions are plausible though:

  • A new Fallout spin-off like New Vegas.
  • A new Wolfenstein since MachineGames has been very quiet recently.
  • A new Evil Within, which would make even more sense since the first one did great and Resident Evil 7 is a blockbuster success.


microsoft e3 2017

Microsoft E3 2017 Rumors

Microsoft needs to get on their A-game right now. This E3 needs to be their win. Scorpio must be something that everyone needs and for that, here’s what I think it requires to succeed:

  • It needs a JRPG. I got my Xbox360 because of Lost Odyssey. I will get my Switch because of Monster Hunter and Xenoblade 2. Microsoft need to annouce an exclusive JRPG for Scorpio at this E3 2017.
  • It needs the best Forza, Gears of Wars and Halo ever produced. The first Gears is still the best for me, so until they top that, I won’t buy a new one.
  • Sea of Thieves must be game-changing like Minecraft is.


This is just some of the E3 2017 rumors currently flying around (and some speculation on my part for Scorpio), feel free to comment if you know more.

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