Blue Reflection New Information About Game World

Gust has released new information about Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions’ game world and characters.

Here’s the new information about this new JRPG:

■ World of Blue Reflection

The protagonist, Hinako Shirai, is a girl who unable to dance the ballet she loves as an after-effect of her foot injury. In such a state, Hinako has shut out her her out and lives an everyday life of boredom, but when she meets sisters Yuzuki Shijou and Raimu Shijou, she becomes a “Reflector,” a magical girl, and obtains a magical power.

While being a Reflector, Hinako, in order to become able to freely move her body, chooses to spend her days as a Reflector with Yuzuki and Raimu with the gleam of hope that “my foot may heal and I may be able to dance ballet again.”

Hinako will attend a school full of individual personalities. While living their self-indulgent school loves, the students have troubles and worries on their minds.

By communicating with these girls, Hinako will gradually grow.

In order to continue being a Reflector, Hinako will make efforts to resolve the other students’ troubles and worries. However, these problems cannot only be solved in the real world, so Hinako and company will jump into the world of humanity’s collective unconscious, or the “Other World” as it’s called.

While solving problems in the Other World and spending time with students at school, huge monsters known as “Pure Breeds” in the real world will eventually appear and attack humanity. Hinako and company will use the power of their friends to face against the Pure Breeds…

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

■ Game Flow

The Lives of Young Girls

As a high school girl, you’ll spend your ordinary life in the real world, and as a Reflector, your not-so-ordinary life running about the Other World. This is how you’ll spend your everyday while coming and going about the Real World and Other World.

—On Hinako’s first day, she wakes up early and gets ready to go to school. You’ll be able to catch various glimpses of Hinako as she prepares.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—While on her way to school, in-class, at lunch, and so on, special scenes with the other students will unfold. Whether or not a scene is triggered depends on your “Interaction Level,” which shows your closeness to other students, and seeing it is a sign of your good relationship with that student.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—After school, you can freely walk about within the school. Depending on where you go, you may run into other students and go somewhere together outside of school. Since you may discuss their problems with those students, you should spend your time meaningfully.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—The causes of other students’ problems do not only exist in the real world, they may also exist in the Other World. In such cases, you can solve their problems by looking for “Fragments” of emotions causing defects in the Other World.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—In the Other World, you’ll find various items. However, you must be careful as fiendish monsters are lurking about. When you encounter a monster, a battle will break out. Make the best use of your attacks and skills, have the three girls cooperate to deal great damage, and achieve victory to potentially obtain items.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—You can start the battle at an advantage by preemptively attacking the monsters you encounter in the Other World.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—By overcoming difficulties in the Other World of Blue Reflection and discovering Fragments, you’ll understand true thoughts of the students facing problems. You’ll find out what the students that seem constantly unconcerned are really thinking in the backs of their minds. After learning a students true thoughts, you will return to the real world.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—When you return to the real world, the other student’s aura will disappear and their problem will be resolved. The mission is then completed. You’ll then receive thank-you items. When solving big problems, in addition to receiving the Fragments found, Hinako will also grow. By going about solving problems and doing missions, the bonds between Hinako and the other students will grow, and Hinako’s Interaction Level will increase.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—While doing missions and solving problems, and spending each day with your friends at school, a disaster will occur in the real world. Mysterious monsters known as “Pure Breeds” will appear and launch an attack on humanity.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—In order to protect her school, the other students, and humanity, Hinako and company will take on the Pure Breeds as Reflectors. Pure Breeds are formidable foes incomparable to the monsters of the Other World, several tens times the scale of humans. When in a pinch, Hinako and company can unleash powerful blows against them.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

—The battle against Pure Breeds is a harder fight than the battle against regular monsters. Hinako and company will maximize their power as Reflectors as well as recruit the help the students you interact with every day and have developed strong bonds as support.

blue reflection game world, blue reflection ps4

Blue Reflection: Sword of the Girl Who Dances in Illusions comes out on PS4 and PSVita on March 30 in Japan. Here’s the debut trailer if you have missed it:

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