Black Desert Online New Player Guide Part 1

This guide is meant for brand spanking new players to answer a number of the foremost usually asked queries and get in the fundamentals of a number of the options in Black Desert Online. If you’re probing for a lot of in-depth guides, check up on our guides list.

How the UI works in Black Desert Online


Movement: Forward [W], Left [A], Backwards [S], Right [D], Jump/Climb [SPACE], Crouch [Q] (Q again to stand, SPACE to crawl, SHIFT to roll), Sit [Q] against something, Lean [S + Q]

Shortcuts: Black Spirit [/], Inventory [I], Quest Log [O], Character Info [P], World Map [M], Guild [G], Knowledge [H], Dyeing [J], Skills [K], Processing [L], Friends List [N], Mail [B], Interact [R], Next [F], Autorun [T], Black Spirit Commands [Z, X], Emergency Evasion [V], Help [F1], Production Notes [F2], Pearl Store [F3], Beauty Store [F4], Cancel [ESC]

Chat: General [/S, ALT + 1], World Chat [/Y, ALT + 2], Party [/P, ALT + 3], Whisper [/R], Link Items [SHIFT + CLICK]

Screenshot mode: Hide UI [CTRL + U], Move Camera [↑ , ↓ , ← , →], Change Angle [CTRL + ← / →], Blur/Sharpen [CTRL +  ↑ / ↓], Rotate [SHIFT + ← / →], Zoom [SHIFT +  ↑ / ↓], Alpha Mask [SHIFT + PRINT SCREEN]

To edit the UI, move to the menu [ESC] then click “Edit UI” (the button can only show once you complete the tutorial quests). Here you’ll be able to hide and show completely different elements or move them around. Simply confirm to save, you’ll be able to conjointly hide all of the UI [CTRL + U].

You can use AN auto-run loop to create your character run back and forth between 2 or additional points, or in an exceedingly continuous circle. this could be to AFK level your stamina, strength, or horse level.

To set up AN auto-run loop, open your interactive world map [M], then hold the [ALT] key and right-click first point of the loop. You’ll be able to still hold [ALT] and add further points within the route, or finish the loop by putting your mouse over wherever your character is presently standing, then right-clicking while holding [ALT]. The loop ought to flip once you mouseover your characters position. you’ll be able to shut the map once more by pressing [M] then hold [T] to auto-run.

Black Desert New Player Guide

You can use the hand glass next to your mini-map to find the nearest NPC of a definite sort and set a path route to them. The categories of NPCs you’ll find are: Weapons Merchant, Armor Merchant, Warehouse Storage, Stable Master, Dock Manager, Guild Manager, Auction House, Trade Administrator, Potions Merchant, Blacksmith, Jewelry Merchant, Tools Merchant, Fishing Merchant, Cooking NPC and Worker Manager.

You do not start with the hand glass and can unlock it at around level twenty.

Grinding while not a doubt is the quickest thanks to the leveling system in Black Desert Online. However, there are some disadvantages as well. Most quests don’t offer any EXP however can offer you bag inventory, vigor and contribution points. In fact, the one of the ways to get contribution points is by finishing quests. If you grind, you may miss out on these and it’ll prohibit you plenty and you’ll pay plenty of your time catching up. If it’s your 1st character we tend to suggest that you simply follow all of the quests to fifty and take some time to enjoy the game. Black Desert Online is extremely overwhelming initially and if you grind all the way, you may presumably find yourself additionally confused and undecided on the way to go back to on the right track.

If you feel the need to rush on grinding to fifty, we also have a Leveling guide which can show you the most effective spots for EXP. We also have a guide that lists all of the bag inventory quests and would suggest that you simply do these as you’re within the area. There are several level fifty quests and repeatable quests which will offer you the contribution points you lack.
Black Desert New Player Guide
Quests may be obtained from NPCs or your Black Spirit. You may be notified if your Black Spirit wants to talk to you. Vital story quests will be indicated on your map with a small yellow icon with a black [!].

Make sure you toggle all of the various forms of quests in your Quest Log [O]. Otherwise you may not be able to receive all of the quests from the NPCs.

If an NPC has a quest for you, there’ll be one of four icons on top of the NPC’s head. If the icon is yellow, it means that the NPC has a general quest for you. If the icon is green, the NPC a profession quest for you. A blue icon indicates that the quest is in progression and a red icon means the quest is completed and you will be able to hand it in.

Once you’ve got your quest, you’ll open your Quest Log by clicking [O]. Here you can abandon, set a route to the target or read quest info and rewards. You furthermore may have a mini quest tracker slightly below your mini-map wherever you’ll hover over a quest to visualize this info and use these controls.

Quests might reward you with things, equipment, inventory space, vigor, contribution points, XP, or silver. You’ll additionally unlock extra quests by gaining high amity with the NPCs (using Story Exchange).

There are 4 types of quests in Black Desert Online:

Kill quests – These quests need you to kill a definite quantity of monsters within the area(s) marked on the map, the amount is sometimes a minimum of ten and might go as high as fifty. These quests may need you to kill three or four totally different categories of the same monsters, like warriors, mages and soldiers. They’ll need you to kill monsters for a definite “item drop”. You don’t have to loot to get the item required to complete the quest, and also the item doesn’t need to be in your inventory or take up any area in your inventory.

Knowledge quests – These quests need you to keep killing the monsters till you gain “knowledge” of them. This may take a really really long time, but eventually you will get the knowledge of the monster.

Collection quests – These quests involve going to a part on the map and collect an item. These quests are quite distinctive and have totally different requirements. Some examples include gathering wild herbs in a field, using a fruit basket to gather a tamed raccoon or moving a trade pack.

Escort quests – These quests are  quite rare and involve escorting an NPC to a different place, while battling monsters and keeping them safe. These quests are  quite straightforward and simple to complete.

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