Arms Unlockables Guide for the Nintendo Switch

I’ve just bought a Nintendo Switch (with Zelda of course) and the other game we got was Arms. Several Arms unlockables can be unlocked in Arms and they are necessary to become the ultimate Arms player.


How to unlock more Arms unlockables

Not unlike Mario Kart 8’s system with its coins and random kart parts, most completed activities give you cash, which can then be used to unlock new sets of Arms for your characters.

Every character starts with their own three signature Arms, but they can also use any used by other characters, provided you unlock them first.

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When you have earned no less than 30 coins, go to the ‘Get Arms’ in the main menu, where you can play a mini game. The more you spend – 30, 100 or 200 coins – it will increase the time limit and your odds of getting more Arms unlockables. In the event that you have more money to spend, do as such – it limitlessly builds the quantity of Arms you can get in one go.

On the off chance that you get a similar Arm twice, at that point it will be redesigned and its assault power will expand, like this:



How Arms unlockables differ from one another

Arms vary by weight and attribute. Increased weight means you can punch through (or at least block) your opponent’s punches, and hit harder, but means attacks become slower.

Meanwhile, the attribute is best described as an additional elemental effect. Block to add it to your Arms, then hit your opponent to trigger the effect:

  • Fire knocks opponents down
  • Electric shocks and slows down
  • Ice slows them down
  • Explosion knocks them over with explosive damage
  • Stun stops a competitor from moving
  • Blind blocks the opponent’s screen
  • Wind blows them away and knocks them down
Arms unlockables are seemingly one note, but it will take you a long while to get everything on offer.

The primary unlockable are Arms themselves; each character comes with three unique armaments, but you can upgrade and unlock those of other characters along the way, resulting in thousands of possible combinations. You’ll be playing for some time if you want to get them all.

While Arms doesn’t appear to have the same number of things to uncover as a traditional fighting game, there are a couple of other elements that require skill and a bit of know-how to gain access to.

Other unlockables in Arms

Unlocking Arms appears to be the primary motivator when it comes to unlocking things in the game, though there are other things to see and do.

Ranked mode: This form of online play is inaccessible to you from the beginning, requiring you to beat Grand Prix mode at difficulty level four or higher (the highest is seven), a task more difficult than it first appears, so get practicing on lower difficulties and make use of the Training modes to fully understand the nuances of combat.

Once you have it, wins and losses will see you bounce up and down ranks respectively as you go up against others in one-on-one battles.



How to change character colour in Arms

On the character select screen, click in the left stick (known as the L3 button on PlayStation and Xbox), then move it in one of four directions – up, down, left and right – then the A button to accept.

The character colour will then change, allowing you to see your selection before accepting and entering the game mode. (Alternatively, you can use the below list to make your choice ahead of time.)

Note that you must continue holding down the stick after clicking when you move in any of the directions, otherwise you’ll simply change character.

Additionally, one of the four directions – up – is the same as the default colour scheme.

Those are the two other unlockables we know about so far at the time of writing on launch day. It’s possible there is more available, and we’ll wait until the community puts Arms through its paces to see what’s there.

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