Shipping Problems With Final Fantasy XV

I’m having some problems with shipping over the last year. I pre-order most of my games from because there’s some really nice savings to be had usually around E3. You can get 30% off or more on most games.

However, I’ve had problems with shipping my games on time. Most of the time I get them 1-2 weeks late AND I need to contact support for them to ship it. Sometimes when there was a game I was dying to play, I often cancelled it and bought it locally or digitally. I also order games from Best Buy and have had no problems with them when it comes time to ship the games. I use free shipping from both websites, but I only get them on time from Best Buy. They ship the same day it releases and often ships it a week late.

Now some people might say “Hey you’re getting a good price, waiting a week more for 30% off is not too bad” and I agree. However, the big problem is that I get spoiled easily on the internet when it’s a big release like Final Fantasy XV. I ordered my copy on the 15th of June 2015 and the current estimate for it’s arrival is “8 Dec – 14 Dec” when it’s release was the 29 of November. shipping late, bad service

This is not the only time I had this problem over the years, it has happened multiple times and I really need to switch to Best Buy or (they’re great, support them if you can). It sucks when you’re waiting years for a game and when it releases, millions are playing it, except you who has to wait an extra 1-2 weeks to get it.

Anyone else has horror stories with games not shipping on time? Atleast we can go through our backlog this way (not like I don’t have hundreds of unplayed games).

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